Business Insurance

“I worked at a local Medical Clinic and the owner was retiring. I had the opportunity to purchase the business, however the requirement for the loan was that I purchase life insurance. I had been denied several times with multiple carriers because of a medical condition. Dave was able to get me insurance to meet the requirements of the loan when no one else could, and I now own my own practice. I highly recommend calling Dave to see what he can do for you.”

Local Medical Clinic Owner

“We came to Dave hoping to simplify our group insurance coverages. We had coverages with multiple agencies. He not only helped us switch everything to one agency, but he gave us a personal experience. He met not only with us, but with each employee to explain coverages and answer any questions. Anytime we need anything, he’s quick to respond and take care of it. …and to top it all off he saved us thousands annually!”

Human Resources Director of a Local Hotel

“I’ve known Dave for more than 30 years. Not only does he carry the group insurance for my business, but he also has my personal life insurance accounts. There’s no one I’d trust more to help make sure I’m covered professionally and personally. He’s always honest and gives his opinion, even if it doesn’t benefit him.”

Local Contractor

“My husband was the Manager of a local store. He had a heart attack and passed unexpectedly. I had no idea that he’d taken out a life policy until Dave contacted me. Dave was so helpful at walking me through the claims process. His help and the policy funds were so appreciated during that awful time in my life.”

Local Store Manager’s Widow

Group Health Insurance

Health insurance coverages and offerings change daily. We review each Company/situation to find the right solution for them. We take your business very seriously and carefully weigh all your options and go over all of them with you to make sure you are able to make a well-educated decision.

Group Dental Insurance

A great smile is more than a good look – it can be a sign of good overall health. When you give your employees access to dental plans that support oral health, you are doing your part to help them come to work feeling, thinking, performing – and smiling – their best. That’s why you need forward-thinking dental plans designed by listening to real people describe the kind of dental coverage they really want.

Group Vision Insurance

In many ways, our eyes are windows into overall wellness. And Americans who have vision benefits through work are more likely to receive regular eye care for themselves and their families. Whether employees have perfect vision or need corrective lenses, preventive eye care is an important part of maintaining good health and well-being.

Group Life Insurance

While 74% of those with life insurance obtain it from their workplace, more than 60% have either no life insurance or less than industry-recommended coverage amounts.

People tend to overestimate the cost of life insurance. Most don’t realize that the average monthly premium can be as affordable as other expenses, such as the cost of a daily latte.

That can be appealing to millennials – less than 50 percent of whom own life insurance. While younger millennials are less likely to own a house or have children (two key life insurance ownership triggers), they may not realize that life insurance can stretch beyond traditional uses to support causes they care about, too.

Group Long-Term Disability

6+ Months Coverage

Disability insurance provides employees with partial income if they become too sick or injured to work. But we believe disability insurance should go further than income protection, by helping to support the physical and mental well-being of employees, and helping them return to their best possible levels of health and productivity.

Group Short-Term Disability

3 – 6 Month Coverage

Disability insurance provides employees with partial income if they become too sick or injured to work. But we believe disability insurance should go further than income protection, by helping to support the physical and mental well-being of employees, and helping them return to their best possible levels of health and productivity.

Worker’s Comp

A WV workers’ compensation policy can help cover:

  • Repetitive stress injuries that build up over time. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common repetitive stress injurys.
  • Ongoing care costs, including rehabilitative services or surgeries to help your employee recover from a work-related injury or illness.
  • Missed wages if a job-related injury or illness causes your employee to miss work.
  • Funeral costs to help your employee’s family after a work-related death.
  • Disability payments for employees who are unable to return to work
  • Travel expenses, including meals and lodging when traveling to treatments for a work-related injury or illness.

Business Property and Liability

Property: Coverage for your buildings, your business property and the personal property of others.

Business Interruption:  If trouble strikes, your insurance covers the damage or destruction of your building, tools and equipment. But what about your lost income? Business interruption coverage keeps the cash flowing so you can pay the bills and meet your obligations while working to get back in business.

Liability: Coverage for your organization in the event of bodily injury, property damage and medical expenses for customers who are hurt on your premises, regardless of whether you’re legally responsible.

Business Auto: Protection for the vehicles you own, hire or borrow and the employees who drive them. It also helps to cover financial responsibility if you or an employee is at fault in an accident and third parties are injured or their property is damaged.

Inland Marine: The insurance industry term ‘Inland Marine’ can be confusing considering it has nothing to do with covering goods being shipped by water. However, it has everything to do with offering coverage for risks which are unique in nature, or those that are typically mobile or not limited to a fixed location.

Umbrella Coverage: An additional layer of liability protection beyond the limit of your business policy, umbrella coverage is typically used for larger exposures.

Workers’ Compensation: Pays for the medical care, rehabilitation costs and lost income of employees who are injured on the job.

We also offer the following Optional Coverages:

Cyber: Provides first- and/or third-party coverage against losses, including data breaches, extortion, ransomware, theft, hacking and leaking of customer information.

Crime: Make sure crime doesn’t pay with protection for stolen money or property inside or outside your premises under certain circumstances.

Equipment Breakdown: Businesses can lose revenue when equipment is damaged from power surges, electrical shortages or even employee mishaps. Equipment breakdown provides coverage for the cost to repair or replace equipment and any other property damaged by the equipment breakdown, including lost productivity.

Employee Benefits Liability:  There’s a lot involved with managing healthcare plans, profit sharing, or retirement accounts—and a lot of room for error. Employee benefits liability provides essential protection against claims for a negligent act or error or omission in the administration of your employee benefits program.

Employment Practices Liability: You’re protected against claims, other than workers compensation, brought on by employees.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability: Often called Errors & Omissions, this coverage is designed to protect certain trades (beauty shops, barber, etc.) from liability when a customer claims negligence or sues for failure to perform.

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